[Viral Marketing] Wren’s “First Kiss” – Flash of Genius

Would you kiss a stranger? Would you do it in front of a camera? If so, how could you react to the awkwardness? Here’s a video of the answer for 20 chosen strangers.


I’m sure you must have heard of it already. This quasi social behavior project featuring 20 strangers kissing for the first time definitely warmed your heart and brought a smile on your face when you saw it, along with the 25 million fellow viewers. 

The first time I saw it and thought it’s very cute and was totally intrigue of the soundtrack. I love Soko now. It looked like a social behavior experiment to me. “Should we make out more?” “What’s your name again?”

The whole video looked very natural and real.  Just like a lot of fellow Facebook fans who saw this video, I didn’t know it was an ad.  The video was picked up by Gizmodo and the article didn’t leave any hints of commercial (Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful)



It wasn’t until the next day I read adWeek that came the shocking news. It was actually an Ad for Wren, an American Apparel company. I never knew this company exist until I read the article on AdWeek (Cringey-Cute Clothing Ad With Strangers Kissing Has 7 Million Views in One DayWren makes out like a bandit). The first 1 second of “Wren presents” really didn’t catch my attention at all.

At first, I thought it was a miss that in the video there’s almost no hints of Wren in there except I later found out that two of the key feature dresses were worn by the kissers. I do adore the dress worn by the older women. 

Think twice, it’s actually a genius move to make the video as non commercial as possible to make it viral and bring the name out through PR.  I was curious to find out more about the brand. Actually it has a very tasteful site and nice products. 



The video will gain more views for sure because it has been picked up by Mashable and fashion magazines. Once viral video is picked up by mainstream media, the second wave of viralness starts. It’s 25 Million views as of speak.

Companies always want to make viral video and few could actually make it viral. Why? They tend to keep a lot of product placement and obvious branding in the video. In the end, the video just became another not too special TVC. Sad but true. What we saw in this success is that it blend the brand essence into the video story itself and to appeal to audience on an emotional level. Emotional connection almost always sells.

Just a reminder of the old checklist of a viral video:

– it’s amazing and wow you 

– it has cute babies, cats, dogs etc in it

– it’s super funny

– it’s really touching 

– it’s for a good cause

– it’s super sexy

How can a company video get one of the above and still stay on brand? That should be the real challenge.  “First Kiss” is a real success because it has got one parody already  (And Here’s the First Branded Parody of That Super-Viral ‘First Kiss’ AdBritish frozen yogurt is a good fit) Of course, it’s not as viral or even close.


Would you kiss a stranger in front of the camera? I would, as long as the person is good looking with nice breath 😉


Why I love ASOS – From the Eyes of an Ecom marketer and an online shoppaholic

I wouldn’t say it’s a confession of an online shoppaholic. It’s more like putting things into perspective from a target audience’s eyes who happens to be a semi insider.

My Favourite eCommerce site of all time is ASOS! No doubt about it. It’s THE eCommerce site that got me addicted to online shopping and abandon brick and mortar as a whole.

Why do I love ASOS? Cheap and stylish isn’t just the only factors. [All images below are screen cape

1. Appeal to your Audience

Most of the customers, including me are almost always attracted by its deals and offering. Much too often, I didn’t end up buying just the discounted products, but a lot more full price products.

They know their target audience well. What are they looking for? They are looking for affordable fashion that gives you your character and make you able to stay up with the trend without paying your whole salary.

Deals on Home Page:

What grabs your first attention is the key visual that showcase “what’s in?”. 

And next – Deals! Prominent discount sign just beneath the top navigation:

What’s more? They appeal to both people who look for a percentage discount with image and also the people who look for a fixed amount off discount with plain text.


2. Basics

  • Free shipping to over 190 countries. Try beating that.
  • 850 brands from fast fashion to high street fashion at outlet prices.  
  • All prices are shown in my local currency.

3. User Friendliness

Easy Navigation 

  • All you have to do on Home Page is to pick gender and what items you are looking for. To avoid cluster, you can filter by size, colors, price ranges and brands etc. The filters are all conveniently located on your left hand side that doesn’t distract you from the alluring products
  • Image
  • After filtering, you can actually see what fits you. You can choose the viewing options to display more for your to you see at one time. I can further sort by price and what’s newImage
  • If there’s multiple colors available, there’s a sign showing ‘More Colors”. When mouse over the products, you have the options to save or quick view, which is pretty normal for all fashion ecommerce site. What really got me is their Runway video of almost all products that helps you the visualize how the piece of clothing looks like on human (They give you the size of the model and what size they are wearing too)
  •  Image
  • Fit Visualizer – that’s actually something new that I never tried. I personally just think it’s a good gimmick but not that friendly to use. Not that I will actually take out a dress and measure it according to the instruction and fill that in. – Nope, not for me. The size guide is actually more practical.
  • Image
  • Image
  • Enticing suggestion – they match a look for you that you can easily “buy the look” with a click and also the product suggestion are so accurate. The dresses they show are just what I also like.
  • Image
  • The checkout is just smooth.

3. Way to get you

  • Abandon carted email – after you put in a few items in your cart and you didn’t check out with. You immediately get an email reminding you what you liked
  • Limited Time offers – You get it all the time with a count-down ticking on the animated email
  • Fans only offers – there are landing pages that are posted on Facebook that are only available for a limited of time that builds your urge

Enough for today. Now I have some serious shopping today. Stay Fab! Guess what I will buy? ;-p

Another example of Ageing Gracefully

She caught my eyes being the beautiful mom in “The Proposal”, gorgeous, full of life and a body that even young girls will die for.

The other day, “the Butcher’s Wife (1991)” was playing on TV. I saw her again. She’s no Demi Moore. She was the insecure church chorus lady that has a love for Jazz. 

Who is she? She’s Mary Steenburgen.

That’s how she looks in 1991, as the Jazz singer in the local pub



(Screen Cap from IMDB)


And about a week later, I watched “Last Vegas (2013), I was stunned to find Mary there, as Jazz singer again and looking even more fabulous

At 60 years of age, she looks



Good genes or Good Doctors? Who cares? Some do age gracefully

4Cs for Social Media Strategy

Like a diamond, social media marketing strategy revolves around 4Cs – Care, Content, Campaigns & Collaboration.


1. Care –

Your customer care hotline is simply not enough for the digital age. People turn to social media to seek information or assistant.

The key is to respond properly and timely. First, set up standard of procedure of handling customer enquiry/complaints.  Have you set up within what time customer enquiry needed to be responded to? Do you have a FAQ ready to answer questions? Have you set up a go-to list for questions what you need to seek outside of your department? How do you handle a complaint? What investigation needs to be done before. Of course, everyone knows is that you needs to take the complaint offline. Talk to the customer directly instead of arguing online. And above all, have a crisis plan ready. When do things need to be escalated? Crisis Plan! 

Instead of passively waiting for customers/potential customer to reach out to you, you have to be proactive – look out there. Constant monitoring and an alert system is the key. There are a lot of tools out there to help you monitor trending topics or people talking about your brand, product or services. 

Set up your own sentiment scores. Work with your agency or your PR team. This is essential if you are selling service. You want to know if people like you or not.  Also, when you launch a campaign. Monitor the before and after number of people are talking about you and the sentiment score will also give you some insights on how successful your campaign is.

2. Content –

Cliché – content is king. It’s true though. Managing your brand’s content is not the same as writing your personal journal. Define your own content strategy. What content pillars can

1)   tell your brand story

2)   appeal to your fans and make them want more

Don’t ever post something because you have to. Don’t think as a brand marketers. Think as a fan. What’s this in for me? Will I like this content? Will I share with my friends? Seriously, I don’t really care where you have stores.  

Tell me the right thing at the right time at the right frequency. Don’t know what to do? Test it out. Define when is the best time of the day/week to post, how many times you post and what kinds of content actually gain most traction. Fine tune your strategy as your testing goes.

3. Campaigns

It’s time to amplify your efforts.  Campaigns are here to help you gain more attention than the regular posting.

Remember you have different audience and where you are in terms of social also determines what kind of campaigns you need.

If your community is small, sweepstake might be the way for you the gain the first batch of fans.

Photo contest can be a good way to motivate your fans to connect emotionally with your brand. What’s good about it? You don’t need as much translation work to determine who the winner is.

Design your campaigns based on your brand essence and what group of your fans you are appealing you.  You need different campaigns for the mass, your new fans, your normal fans and your hardcore fans.

4. Collaboration

You can do things on your own but by partnering with the right gangs, you’ll be there faster and more successful.  You want to leverage on other’s influence and strengthen your own branding or appeal to a new group of audience.  Media, bloggers, or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are your friends. What can they do? They tell a better story. Think really good and hard on how you collaborate with them.  Think of a win-win solution. It’s a passé for you to simply pay them to say something you want.  Identify the potential parties you want to partner with and how you can partner with them. 

After all, our focus is the Big C – Community. To build up a healthy community that supports your brand like sport fans is a help you convey your brand message and support you when things get rough. 

Got ideas about social media marketing? Share!