To the Fools who Dream

“Here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make”

La La Land to me is not a romantic story about two people. It’s a love letter and a romance between people and dreams. Both characters even though not together, realized their dreams.

The audition got me in tears at La La Land and truly stroke a cord in my heart. The What If paralleled reality was touching and bittersweet but not as close as inspiring.

The scene, the lyrics reminded me of a tvc (I still can’t find the link to the ad) I saw couple years ago. The host asked people of different ages what their dreams were. When the older interviewees were asked, they chuckled at first implying they too thought dreams were for young people not the aged. The host asked on and they finally came up with what they still wanted to achieve in life.

The message is clear – You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. – CS Lewis (Arguably).  Dreams and potential are not the privilege of just children or the youth.

Of course. When we were young, we saw the world in the different light, dreaming to become something wonderful.

Then life happened! We were distracted by so many – the rat race, the mortgage, peer pressure, social expectation, worldly temptation and materialist procession. You name it. As we age on, many of us forgot our initial pursuit and opt for something that offers instant gratification – that luxe holiday, that sleek sports car, the season’s new must-have outfits or that IT bag… We are easily discourage when things don’t turn out to be easy or smooth. Probably we didn’t forget but we stopped pursuing our dreams and the urge to be someone, to achieve something became a distant memory. It’s not in any movies, but in our every day reality.

Dreams are beautiful. Following your dream and fighting till you have them come true is what make life challenging, meaningful and rewarding.

“I have a dream,

A song to sing,

To help me cope with anything”

Stop for a moment – think! What is your dream? It doesn’t matter it’s big or small.  Take a leap of faith. Step out of your comfort zone and start (again):

Dream on!


Did I remember the trip last year?

Oh, yes I do.

I have to say email marketing done right still works, even though we are bombarded with numerous junk on a secondly base.

That’s the subject line of an email from Airbnb, one of my favrouites sites. It was perfectly timed at the same month we went on a road trip as a family last year around the west coast.

As a digital native and also a practitioner myself, I successfully gifted a digital-driven trip to my parents, who are only barely stay digital on Wechat.

The trip started as an idea of “act while you can”. Back in 2008, I planned everything down to daily schedule with my grandma to the States. However, just the day before I asked her to go to our family doctor to get some safety med just in case. Her blood pressure turned sky high and the doctor strongly advised against going. That was it. My grandma never got to use her American visa. With that in mind, while my mom and dad are still mobile and healthy. We decided to go on a family trip.

How digital was it –

  • My parents’ ticket to SFO was redeemed by my Asiamile mileage online. It blew off my hard-earn 144,000 miles over the past couple of years. (To be honest, I did try to NYC, California and Dallas in less than 12 months and Bali and Amsterdam some time slightly earlier).
  • My ticket to SFO was bought directly from the airline website and the air tickets to Van Couvar and train ticket back to Seattle and air ticket back to SFO were all done directly on the relating sites.
  • I tried searching some online tool to plan for our itinery. Only the Roadtrip planner was good for a while. So I went back to the old-fashion Excel file to fill in the dates, temperature (I used Google to check the weather down to the days), where we will be, whom to meet and rough budget. I also shared that with my two aunts who we would staying with.
  • For the cities, we didn’t have free accomodation, we turned to Airbnb. We booked a stunning flat in downtown Van Couvar and Seattle.
  • We also booked the rental car in advance.
  • When we were on our rental car, we used Google Map to navigate  to tour along California 1 and Yelp to look for resturants to dine in.
  • While we were not using the rental car, we ubered or lyfted. It worked perfectly fine.
  • We used Wechat, Whatsapps and Facebook messager to communicate with our friends and families.

It was a small step for me, but a huge leap for my parents. Look forward to our next trip Hawaii this Christmas.

遺憾美 – What if…


太久沒有寫作了, 來到快到3月底才開始2016年的第一篇, 有感提筆生疏. 現在答應自己在庸庸碌碌的生活中, 停步下來, 把每一刻的小感動寫下來, 保觧僅存講故事的能力. 雖說獻醜(我可真的忘了醜寫怎樣寫, 要在Yahoo Dictionary 查 “Ugly” #somin). 不如蔵拙, 但寫作對我來記是一個理清思路, 思考人生的方法, 就讓我來獻一下醜. 

記得去年在社交媒體上,  有一套電影吸引了我的注意 – “哪一天我們會飛”. 本想到戯院看, 朋友們的-評價好壞參半, 但不知什麼原因, 也淡忘了.

上星期在飛機, 偶然看到了這套戯在Movie List上, 就選了來看看. 原來對該片沒抱很大期望, 但故事遠遠超我意料. 故事的巧妙構思, 使我看完電影還不停回咮著. 故事訴說一對人到中年的夫婦經過歲月的洗禮, 為活而活, 外表風光但忘郤了對生活的熱情, 如行屍走肉地活著. 偶然的機遇下, 回憶學生時代的青澀初戀和重拾年輕時追夢的熱血, 完一個故友的心願. 初戀的情節似曾相識, 令我不其然聯想到一套總是令我感動不以的電影 – 情書. 兩片的遺憾美也是始於年輕是擦身而過的暗戀, 到了長大後才發現的的由衷感動, 的確有異曲同工之巧. 兩個故事的男主角也是對之後的女友看似一見鍾意, 但其實只是女友和初戀對像很相似而已. 而在電影倒敍時也已去世, 到女主角發現和時已經追也不回, 只有淡淡的遺憾美 – “情書”中女主角在書簽後的插畫, “哪一天我們會飛” 中女主角發現在獎杯下的登機證. What if 情書的女主角一早就看到書簽? What if 在”哪一天我們會飛”的女主角看到了紙飛機的留言? 在”哪一天我們會飛”中, 少時的三人行, 女主角周旋於兩個心儀自的的男生中間, 微妙的友誼和青葱少年情,  第三者說男角A令她想起以前的男友, 而男角A是因為第三者令他想起他女主角年輕的時代,  其實第三者以前的男朋友正是男角B, 最巧妙的地方是第三者的前男友正是男角B, 因為男角B鍾情的也是女主角, 可謂超越時空的四角戀.

除了感情線外, 電影的重拾追夢的熱忱值得我們反思. 男女主角其實也是夢想成真, 做了兒時想做的工作, Living their dream. 但他們倆也忘郤了對夢想的初衷, working to live, not living to work. 夢想成真又如何? 劇中男女主角最後也因為亡友對夢想的執著激勵, 重燃對生活的熱情. 可算是Happy ending.

記得兒時的夢想嗎? 是否已經活在夢想生活中, 而郤身在福中? 在成長是又有多少段令你不斷回想的What If…的遺憾? 無疾而終的初戀總是美麗的, 因為它是一個夢, 沒有生活的洗滌, 還留有許多你腦海裡的想像空間. What if…




[Flash of Genius] Tmall Apple Product Launch

Chinese creativity never fails to amaze me.

Today, there’s a top banners on the biggest eCommerce platform in China – Tmall.

On the top purple banner, the Chinese reads “Secret Apple Product launch 2015”.

Tmall Home Page Top Banner on May 6, 2015

Tmall Home Page Top Banner on May 6, 2015

When you click into the banner, you’ll get the idea – A landing page with a typical Apple/Mac look and feel only with Real Apples in the key visual. (See the page here)

Landing Page for Queens Apple - sells actual apple - the fruit.

Landing Page for Queens Apple – sells actual apple – the fruit.

Looks Familiar?

Apple Feature

Apple Feature

Apple Feature

To top it up, they actually mock Apple to the max by creating a product videos completely Apple Style. I seriously love the video and the whole creative idea. (What exactly does a VP of Visibility Reduction do?)

Queens Apple Product Video

Queens Apple Product Video

Yes, they are selling real apples from New Zealand.

This is by far, the best apple-mocking campaign I’ve seen (Apart from the whole Xiaomi craze).  Have a laugh and enjoy!


It didn’t stop there:

Queens Apple and Tmall Internatinal worked with two top celebrities who are currently starring in the celebrities dating reality show “Let’s fall in love” (我们相爱吧)

With their Quotes, which had been hot topic on Weibo since the show aired.

Ren Zhong's Apple Packing with his famous quote

Ren Zhong’s Apple Packing with his famous quote

Shangwenjie  Customized Packaging

Shangwenjie Customized Packaging

Of course, KOLs (Nice adaptation of Coke’s “Share a Coke” – Isn’t the packaging familiar too?

KOL Posts

KOL Posts

They also built up the hashtag/ Topic on Weibo #AppleforReal# (真的是苹果)- It’s less than 48 hours since its debut on Tmall, the topic itself has over 20 million views and 17K Tweets and definitely counting.

What’s more? They have sold out over 30K packages of Apples in less than 2 days before they apples are picked. Isn’t it a marketing miracle?

Sold Out Banjner

Sold Out Banner

Well done, Tmall International! I wonder when international news will pick up the story.

Radical Transparency – Everlane

Quite honestly, I never heard of this name until later in 2014. It caught my eyes on my Facebook feed – the New IT bag in a cheaper price favoured by celebrities (sadly, it was from I will definitely miss their editorial content). Now I am one proud owner of its Petra bag. its online store its online store

Everlane is a strictly web-based fashion & lifestyle brand, launched in 2010, from San Francisco, founded by a fashion outsider. They got instantly famous/popular by telling the ugly truth of the markup of designer apparel’s markup by their infamous Twitter campaign:

Infograph on Designer Brand's Markup

Infograph on Designer Brand’s Markup

Their fascinating story started ever since…

Radical Transparency is of course their Unique Selling Point (USP), providing affordable luxury-quality fashion and lifestyle products.  To top it up, they hired former designer director, Petra Langerova from Gap to lead their product development. (Their best selling bag is called Petra. Could it be a coincidence? Of course, NOT).

Take a look at these:

  • Sales reportedly grew more than 200 percent from 2013 to 2014.
  • At Feb 2015, the waiting list for the Petra bag was 7,500 long.

What’s the secret for success?

1. Transparency about the production and pricing (They never offers discount) – Education too

How Everlane's famous Petra Bag is priced

How Everlane’s famous Petra Bag is priced

2. Quality products at affordable price –

My bag was made in Italy with 100% Italian leather exterior and it was only US$395.The products were made in countries that are expert in manufacturing that line of products.

Screencap from

Screencap from

3. Stellar Designer – Petra Langerova (PR and relationships with fashionistas follow)

Imagine all the PR story follows and the credibility that was already built for her capability and creatively. (Read more Here)

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

4. Celebrity seeding and ePR

That’s what caught my attention first. Both Angelina Jolie and Olivia Munn were carrying a bag below US$400.

Screencap from the article

Screencap from the article

5. Pushed their messages of non-elitist fashion for the people with social

Hey, fashion can be for everybody. Own your luxury quality fashion item and look good. That appeals not only to the fashionables but average Jill like me.

6. Break Rules and operated like a tech company

Quoting “The starting point for Everlane might have been fashion, but it was fierce social media know-how and a well-executed digital strategy that have quickly brought it to the forefront. Through Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, et al., Preysman and his team pushed their messages of non-elitist fashion for the people and transparency about the production and pricing. Both themes hit the nail on the head, tapping into two major consumer trends. ” (Read more Here). Having your t shirt delivered faster than a pizza, woot, I will sign up for it!

Here’s my route to my first Petra:

I Love my Petra Bag

My Little Journey to my first Everlane Petra Magazine Tote

While, I’m loving my bag and carrying it everyday possible, I showed the idea to a friend who’s been in luxury for a while. His first impression was nice concept but I can get my Uniqlo for similar quality for a fraction of its price. – Brutally honest but definitely true. My bag is priced right to me though ;-p

16 Things only Single Asian ladies Would Understand

single ladies

Cosmopolitan always came up with the most amazing titles and sometimes the content you can relate – 12 Problems Only You, the Single Friend, Understand is exactly what I can relate. For Asia ladies, I’m gladly to offer my interpretation of the points and add up a few more.

Let’s verify the list together:

1. Perpetual third-wheel hangouts.
[True] Be it totally into each other, can’t take the hands off each other or they are having a huge fight. Only in my case, the two loving people are my best friends. I’m happy to be the third wheel all the time and usually not just snack is around, there’s also beer and a cute puppy. Same also applies to my straight married friends, thank god for the cute kids they parent!


2. Getting pity invitations to things.
[True] Thank goodness for that! Especially during holiday seasons when most of your friends are back home spending time with significant other and family. You get extra lonely when you used to have a “hometown” to go back together with your SO and you now are stuck in Asia with a family that doesn’t really celebrate the season.

3. Getting set up with everyone’s crappy leftover friends.
[Not So True] The thing is when you reach to a certain age, even the crappy leftover friends are no longer single. You’ll just end up with other single ladies at the events and complain about how hard to find a guy and drink to whatever reason.

4. Having to hear tons of platitudes like, “You’ll find someone,” every time you talk to your friends.
[True to the MAX] “You’ll find someone.” “The best is yet to come.” “It’ll be your turn soon.” are among my top three. I know you mean it when you say it. It just gets a bit annoying for me to realise the fact that I haven’t found anyone. Maybe, I’ll find someone at the age of 90 or maybe I never find “the one”. It matters, but if that’s the way it is, let it be. Yes, thank you for being there for me! Please do continue include me in all the family events and consider me as an adapted sister or some sorts. I don’t mind =)


5. Getting asked, “Whatever happened to so and so?” like they were The One and you blew it.
[Semi-True] Luckily, my ex is still single. I would feel jealous if he’s with someone now. It’s just my nature. I do wish him well but there will be a small part of me feeling jealous. There were times when I realised all the guys I rejected in the past are all married with kids now. If it’s not right, I shouldn’t deprive the guys’ right of seeking true happiness by dominating his heart with someone who didn’t cherish it(aka, me).

6. Watching your super-happy friends in couples being super-happy. This is wonderful on some level, it really is. And on another level, a reminder that you might never have that, why, God, why.
Direct Copy & Pasting and it’s [COMPLETELY TRUE]. The sad part of me is crying over this…

7. Dinner parties where you’re sitting in between two couples because you’re the only single person there.
[Totally True] I’m used to it now. It’s couples, kids and me. I think I blend right in. That fact that I love kids helps a lot. I can direct my attention to the cutest things on earth.

8. Your friends only call you when their partners are out of town.
[Not True] I’m super lucky to have friends who do care about me genuinely and call me on a regular basis. Of course, they call me when their partners are out of town too. I’m glad to be on the caller list.

9. Your friends think all your traumatizing online dating stories are hilarious.
[True] They have been supportive and listening to my stories. OK, I’ll drop OKC. It’s Not an easy place for find meaningful relationship or even relationship to begin with.


10. Friends who tell you, “Never get married,” when they’re fighting with their partner and therefore you lose all hope in love.
[Not True] All of my friends are happy married and at least they still have faith in their marriage. That has to come down to the fact that most of my friends did get married out of love not the social pressure of getting married under a certain criteria (eg. age).

11. Your friends always want to partaaayyyy with you.
[Semi-True] They want to party with me not because they are bored in their laidback life, but also they want to cheer me up and make me feel cherished as well. Oh yes, my drinking has been cut down but still have some wild nights.

Stay cool

12. Partnered friends want all your hot single gossip.
[Not True] They do know I have no gossip and no guys on my radar. Sad, but it’s true.

Points to add up:
13. You check out the ring fingers whenever you meet a new guy at social settings.
It’s not that you are desperate, but you just automatically check out the ring finger and see if the guys’s married. We a good moral girls. Keep your hands off from the married guys.

When you see the guy’s ring finger is empty, you go like:

When you meet his beautiful wife, you go like:

14. At extensive family gathering or at school reunion, people who haven’t seen you for a while would ask “When will you invite me to your wedding?”

Sod it! I don’t even have a guy in my radar. Do you want me to marry myself and send you the invite? I know you mean no harm asking and just want to break the ice. But 8 out of 10 times you asking a single ladies, the answer would be very likely to be “I don’t have a boy friend yet.” I have to fight the urge everything to tell them not to ask me any more. If I’m getting married, I WILL TELL YOU. Not that you will be invited. Still I WILL TELL YOU. AND I DON’T MEAN IT if I Say “I don’t have anyone yet. Could you introduce someone?” I just wanted to say it to shut you up. Don’t follow up. BUT if my parents asking for something similar for me. They MEAN it.

15. “You are just too picky.” – Or the implication of ” there must be something wrong with you if you are still single.”
I don’t want to get married or partnered with simply because I’m lonely or the societal norm says so. If I mean someone who I really want to spend the rest of my life with, I’ll make a commitment. That doesn’t necessarily has to be marriage. I just haven’t met the someone who will make me settle yet. So Save your criticism and accept that fact that singlehood can be happy too.

16. “You are not getting any younger.” “You biological clock is ticking.” Especially from your parents or someone older than you.
Of course I know I’m not getting any younger. Does that mean my chance of finding love is lower? Even with child-birth which has more to relate to age, there’s a solution to it. I can freeze my eggs. So when I am finally ready to have kids (I’ll make sure the kids grow up with a loving family), I can take them out and have an IVF. That actually cease a lot of women’s nightmare.

16. Being the “Case Study” of the extensive family.
Yes, when you reach a certain age and still not married. The negative sigma attaches to you. In extensive family gathering, on the surface, they would ask you about your love life and the gossip would go around as a negative example. “Look at your Cousin, she missed her chances and now she has to be an old lady. Don’t follow her path.” etc etc.

17. “How’s your sex life?”
Non existence. It’s not NYC back in the 90s. It’s not sex and the city. Unless, I want to dress up every weekend and get my slut face on and try hitting on non super hot guys, the true is I don’t score that much, or at all. You reach an age that the clubbing/hooking up scene seems too small and you see the same people. And the thing is you don’t even the the guts to talk to guys unless you are pissed drunk. That wouldn’t make you more attractive. So, nothing. Nada. I’m not interested in meeting guys online just for casual sex. Sex life related question can be tough.
samantha quote

It’s never easy being single in any culture. The loneliness will haunt you and the overly loving coupled up friends will make you jealous. Just do whatever make you feel good and ignore what others think of you. You only have to be responsible for you own life. Done something you regretted? Learn from it and MOVE ON. Life is too short to be sad or to spend it not to the fullest to your full advantage.

Chin up, Cheer up and have fun!