Bio: A girl in my 30s, works ok digital & crm, born in China and now lives in Hong Kong. I love travelling but I started late, didn't get to go on a plane till I was 16. It's been also 10X years since I've been exploring the world. I just made my travel year plan official: 1 New Country per Year 1 Long Haul Trip + 1-2 Short Haul Trip(s) per Year So far it's been good (US, UK, FR, IT, ES, MY, JP, KR, VM, TW, ID, AU, SG, AT, DE, NR, DK, BE, NL, CH). I'd love to check out Africa, South America. Apart from travelling, I love reading (Jane Austin, Cecilia Ahern, Freakomnics etc.), music (love concerts, broadway shows), movies (all kinds except horrors), FOOD (especially spicy and seafood. Ask me about my food adventure, you'll be surprised), writing (I have a blog about digital and things that touched my heart), yoga, the sun, the sea, the beaches, a cold beer. And I love my job (Who gets to paid to stay on social media and explore online shopping? I do) Life Motto? Live life to the fullest and love to the fullest. Live the moment and be spontaneous. The blog is about my daily inspiration and continuous efforts to age in a graceful way to become wiser and feels prettier. 沒有華麗的詞藻,斐然文筆,用平實文字記錄身邊的霎時感動 Twitter: @laimin728 Instagram: @laimin728

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