To the Fools who Dream

“Here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make”

La La Land to me is not a romantic story about two people. It’s a love letter and a romance between people and dreams. Both characters even though not together, realized their dreams.

The audition got me in tears at La La Land and truly stroke a cord in my heart. The What If paralleled reality was touching and bittersweet but not as close as inspiring.

The scene, the lyrics reminded me of a tvc (I still can’t find the link to the ad) I saw couple years ago. The host asked people of different ages what their dreams were. When the older interviewees were asked, they chuckled at first implying they too thought dreams were for young people not the aged. The host asked on and they finally came up with what they still wanted to achieve in life.

The message is clear – You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. – CS Lewis (Arguably).  Dreams and potential are not the privilege of just children or the youth.

Of course. When we were young, we saw the world in the different light, dreaming to become something wonderful.

Then life happened! We were distracted by so many – the rat race, the mortgage, peer pressure, social expectation, worldly temptation and materialist procession. You name it. As we age on, many of us forgot our initial pursuit and opt for something that offers instant gratification – that luxe holiday, that sleek sports car, the season’s new must-have outfits or that IT bag… We are easily discourage when things don’t turn out to be easy or smooth. Probably we didn’t forget but we stopped pursuing our dreams and the urge to be someone, to achieve something became a distant memory. It’s not in any movies, but in our every day reality.

Dreams are beautiful. Following your dream and fighting till you have them come true is what make life challenging, meaningful and rewarding.

“I have a dream,

A song to sing,

To help me cope with anything”

Stop for a moment – think! What is your dream? It doesn’t matter it’s big or small.  Take a leap of faith. Step out of your comfort zone and start (again):

Dream on!


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