Moment of inspiration

Was rushing home last night with my exhausted body after a long day, when I was pushing my way through, I felt my bag hit in something. I turned around and said sorry! To my surprise, my bag hit on an electric wheelchair, but instead of an annoyed face, I was greeted by a warm smile. The gentlemen sitting on the wheelchair was paralysed. His son was with him, who is no older than 8 years old. He waved with a smile signalling my apology was accepted.

Afterwards, they speeded on. The little kid was stepping on the stand at the back of the wheelchair. He was riding like kids playing with the supermarket trolley. I felt sorry for the immobility for the gentlemen but I didn’t see any sadness on his face. I could feel his positivity and energy through their little ride.

There are things we can’t control in life but we can control how we feel about it. Happiness is a feeling and optimism is definitely an attitude.

Cheer up! Appreciate the little thing in life that make you happy. Time will tell these little things are actually what really matter.



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