Showrooming – ecomm retail jargon in laymen terms

The term showrooming is so common especially with the boom of ecommerce. Showrooming, refers to the act that consumers look for products to buy in the brick and mortar and while in-store or after, go online and look for a cheaper price.

This was exactly what I did today. While waiting impatiently for my friend trying on every pair of pants and shirt in Ted Baker, some dress caught my eyes. A mom with two kids were looking for a dress for an event, according to her words. She picked out about a dozen dresses to try on and this particular Langley dress was one of them. She tried it on and it looked like a mini dress for her and not too flattering. To just fulfill my evil self that I look better in that dress than her, I tried that on.

When I zipped up and looked into the mirror, I was stunned, speechless.


I set myself a trap. I fell in love with that dress! When I checked the price tag, it’s don’t within the price range for my dresses.

So I did what many others did – I went online to check. On, the dress is about 15% cheaper already. The problem is it only shipped to the UK…

So I also did what I usually did – I went on Taobao and checked if they carried that dress. I found many of the nice dresses on Taobao but not the one I love.

And I went one step further – share on social media and sought for staff discount. And tah dah – someone I know has it!


Now, I just need to wait, for my dress to arrive in due time;-)


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