10 things to cheer you up on Double Valentine for Single Girls

Oh, sob it. Don’t say you don’t care. Don’t say you are ok with it. On this once every 17 years double Valentine’s Day (When the St. Valentine’s Day happens to be on the same day as the Chinese Lover’s Day), there’s always a tiny teeny bit of jealousy or uneasy as a single lady living in a big city where you are surrounded by the commercialized romance in the air. Don’t tell me that you don’t secretly wish that you’ll receive flowers from a secret admirable. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to look away when the girls in the office doing their walk of glory carrying their flower bouquet from the front desk. Actually, from a past few years, girls in stable relationships don’t really get flowers on Valentine’s Day. Only the attractive single girls do or the newly in a relationship ones.

Last time, I was still a teenager and I imagined I would have been married with kids for the next coming one. Truth is, I’m still single. Time to think of some Survival Skills.



(Image from 9GAG)

I had a few plans:

1) date your gay husband/friends (they were so nice to take me in and even offered me a rose last year but they decided to have have their own plan this year)

2) date your other single female friends. I actually tried but miraculously, a few of them are out of town and a few just have plans. 

I was toying with the idea of ordering flowers online for myself. Oh, yeah. It’s a dumb idea but I did think of it. 

Here’s my take on what to do staying in:

1. Cook/Buy yourself a nice dinner

Forget your diet plan. Cooking your signature dish or just buying a nice dinner from your favourite take-away will brighten your evening. If you are into wine, pair the dinner with a nice bottle. It’s a Friday after all. Don’t go over it though. Drunkness might lead you to do something you would regret, eg. calling your ex.

2. Pre-order/download some romantic movies

You can totally immerse yourself in the world of romance with a few must-watch movies. Here’s my list (If I can manage to watch them all):

– The Notebook (Be jealous of Rachel McAdams)

– The Vow (Be even more jealous of her)

– Sleepless in Seattle or Finding Mr. Right (The Chinese version inspired by Sleepless in Seattle) 

– Definitely Maybe

– The Proposal

– Notting Hill

– About Time (Sorry, it’s Rachel again)

– Btw, all-time Romantic classic – An Autumn’s Tale will be on TVB Pearl 

 3. Do what relaxes you – Bubble bath, music, dancing to yourself

I write.  Curl up in bed under my blanket and write on my laptop.

Just a couple of things to avoid:

1. Go on speed date or blind date on Valentine’s Day. It just shows how desperate you are. 

2. Go clubbing. Oh, seriously, you’ll either end up being super drunk passing out or crying yourself out or you’ll end up in someone’s bed with someone you will very likely regret. The walk of shame with a massive hangover might not be the best thing on a rainy and cold saturday.

You don’t need flowers to show you are attractive. You don’t need a man to survive, but just this tricky day. Treat yourself a little nicely and move on. What’s your plan tomorrow?


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