I Age Gracefully

I believe not everyone was born with sharp stylish eyes and sometimes this can be cultivated and learnt.  This blog is about how I came a long way from where I was in my teens and 20s and learning something new every day. Every day can be a battle if you want to age gracefully, becoming fabber and wiser. 

A Bit about Me

In my early 30s, a digital marketeer in fashion, with passion in social media, a total dress freak (100 days just went by for me wearing 1 different dress 1 day from May to Aug 2013. Look for #adressaday on Instagram or Viss. You are very likely to find me.) Back in 1997, I moved from Zhongshan, Guangdong to Hong Kong, totally innocent and no taste in fashion. Growing from a mainland girl to a girl with fair sense of taste and style is a long journey. I’m going to share my journey and the things that inspire me here.

The kick of my starting this blog came from when I showed my picture in Pairs back in early 2009 to my friends and they went like “OMG! You look so much better than when I first met you!” The shocked me! It got me that I actually aged gracefully.

And then I realize that 30s is not that scary. 30s is not the end of the world. I am way better off than where I was in my teens or 20s. I spent most of the days feeling older as I repeated a year of school because of the different education systems between mainland and Hong Kong. I am generally 2 years older than my classmates and I was trying hard to hide it.

Now here I am, not meticulously high maintained or very high up in my career. However, I’m feeling more confident about my outlook and more adventurous for wearing something out of ordinary. And more importantly, I feel great in my personal life and my career.

That’s a good feeling and I want to celebrate it


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